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Yellow Willow was created to bring beauty and performance to the yoga experience. We embody a belief that confidence, beauty and awareness are the cornerstones of physical experience, and our designs and products are crafted with these principles at their very heart.



Eco-friendly ::

Our yoga mats and towels have a micro-fibre suede-like fabric top made from recycled plastic bottles bonded to 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber. This unique combination provides you with grip and softness standards to beat the heat and keep your poses solid and deep.


No Nasties ::

No latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC or phthalates.


High-Performance Grip ::

All Yellow Willow yoga mats have X-Grip, our market-leading additional layer of grip texture.  

This unique surface texture keeps you solid in your poses from your first downward dog. No need to wet your hands or warm up to feel confident in your practice. 

Whilst staying in-tune with your body, the natural rubber under-layer keeps the mat stable on the ground


Super Absorbency ::

The top layer of our yoga mats and towels are as absorbent as a towel, enabling you to remain focused and in the moment during your practice – no fuss or distraction with a separate towel required.


Gentle on your skin and your joints:

All fabrics are soft and gentle on your skin as well as UV resistant making them ideal for practising both indoors and outdoors.

The silky soft surface brings a smooth fluidity to your practice, with no jarring of the joints or injuries you find with sticky rubber or PVC yoga mats.

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