Yoga Mat Review: Yellow Willow Yoga

AUTHOR: Danielle, RAW + PURE

I stumbled across one of Yellow Willow‘s yoga mats on Instagram (as I so often do find the best products via Instagram) and I just had to have one! Their designs are divine and they are the most unique mat I’ve used. They use high performance natural materials to suit all types of yoga. They are made from a combination of natural eco-tree rubber and soft micro-fibre suede fabric- which means they are super soft.

I’ve been using Elle Fit Active stretching guides (which are totally amazing by the way- more on this soon!) and there is nothing more motivating than getting out my Yellow Willow yoga mat to get my bend and split on!

I have been lucky enough to team up with the lovely ladies at Yellow Willow so you too can enjoy the beauty and functionality of their mats. We are giving away, to one lucky follower, a mat of their choice. Plus, they are also offering 10% off all mats using the code “RAWPURE” until the end of the month (31/7/15). To enter all you need to do is jump on Instagram and:

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