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Meet Your Favourite New Yoga Mat – Yellow Willow

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Meet Your Favourite New Yoga Mat – Yellow Willow

When you’re practicing barre at home or yoga in a studio, you’ll know the power of a good yoga mat. They help your practice to be its most effective, stop you from slipping, and enhance your experience on the mat. That experience can be taken up even a notch further with a beautiful design to stare at while you’re in Downward Dog. So that’s why we adore Yellow Willow.

Yellow Willow was inspired by the creators’ love of design, movement and fashion, and was created to bring beauty and performance to the yoga experience. The brand embodies a belief that confidence, beauty and awareness are the cornerstones of physical experience, and their designs and products are crafted with these principles at their very heart.

Created by yogis for yogis, Yellow Willow mats are aimed at maximising and enhancing the spiritual and physical benefits yoga brings.

Their yoga mats are made from a combination of natural eco-tree rubber and soft micro- fibre suede fabric, and the mat is grippy and super absorbent to give you maximum confidence in your poses.

And they’re flat out gorgeous. Check them out here, and show us pics of your practice at home using #barrebody!

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