ROMPER: 13 Appropriate Mother's Day 2019 Gifts For Your Mother-In-Law, Even Though She's Kind Of The Worst

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Life is full of occasions when you're supposed to buy a gift for someone you may or may not feel like buying a gift for, to be honest. To be even more honest, sometimes that someone is somebody you really can't *not* buy a gift for when the time comes, like your mother-in-law, on Mother's Day. Now, maybe you and your MIL have a great relationship (in which case, congrats!). But if not, don't worry... there are still plenty of appropriate Mother's Day gifts for your mother-in-law, even though she's kind of the worst, in some ways. Not in all the ways, of course. Just in some of them.

Omg, she's not even the worst. You know people have mothers-in-law who are legitimately the worst, like all the time. Compared to so many of the people you know, you have nothing to complain about. And that's why you're trying to come up with a good idea for a present in the first place, right? Like you've explained to your husband at least a thousand times, if you really didn't like your MIL you wouldn't even give her gift a second thought. (Got that, buddy? Not that it's a threat, but... still.)

Anyway, these gifts won't give your MIL anything to complain about, and that could be the most important thing of all.

1. A bracelet that speaks volumes

Dual Sided Bracelet


If this happens to describe your MIL, go ahead and embrace it! After all, it's actually a complement of the highest caliber.
2. A box of chill

3. For the always chilly

Vaucluse Throw in Denim



Big enough for two people to cuddle under, this 100 percent cotton blanket makes a perfect throw for any bed or couch, and you can even use it as a towel in a pinch. Made in Turkey, this inverted diamond pattern is also available in Sangria and Black.

Perhaps she's always complaining about your house being too cold when she comes to visit? Give the gift of warmth with this irresistible throw, and maybe she'll stop asking you to turn up the thermostat for her "freezing" grandchildren.

5. Because some thumbs are more beige than green

Maple Planter



Carved from solid maple and lined with aluminum, these high-quality, hand-sanded planters are perfect for small succulents. An elegant addition to any workspace.

Maybe your MIL is a bit more skilled than the likes of you when it comes to horticulture. This gift will show her that even the un-green of thumb can make adorable plants and planters part of their personal design scheme (and hopefully she'll get the hint and only get you easy-to-raise succulents from now on).

11. Fancy kitchens need this box

12. Candy has never been so handy

13. Thank her for being a friend

Golden Girls Prayer Candles


Always Fits

Choose your fave Golden Girl to be patron saint of your kitchen (Ruth, Blanche, Dorothy & Sophia are all options), or go with the whole gang... in which case you should really make cheesecake part of your repertoire, if it's not already.

If she doesn't like the Golden Girls, then... well, of course she likes the Golden Girls. Right?

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