The REAL reason you should be doing yoga.

The majority of us who are stuck in the rat-race are damaging our bodies with all the sitting we do. We sit on the bus or in the car to get to work where we sit at a desk to work, often sit to eat meals and then sit to watch TV at the end of the day… we are literally sitting ducks for a serious injury.  

According to our resident Physio, Stuart Cox, joint movement is the key to staying injury-free. “Look at a baby:  before all the prolonged time sitting, they move evenly in all directions. They change position regularly and give all joints some movement to build the control they need to strengthen. If they spent all their time on their back they’d be stuck in crawling phase!”

Ever walk out of a yoga class feeling like you have just had a massage? Well, there is a reason for this. Yoga is one of the best, if not THE best ways to restore your body back to its ideal position and state. Not only does it work the muscles, but it gets into the deep tissues – just like a deep tissue massage. So, yoga and Pilates are great in returning joints somewhere closer to their ideal positions, preventing injuries which come from stiff joints.

So, preventing injury is just another reason to squeeze in a yoga class before work, during your lunch break or after work.

Remember, if you’re unable to do a yoga pose without pain or seem to be perennially struggling with a certain technique, let your Physio assess you to see if there’s a reason. 

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